The principle of our blog is this:

Whilst the aim is for total equality, the diversity of handicaps encountered, the lack of suitable training for education professionals, inappropriate support and the layout of classrooms all mean that this goal has not yet been reached.

Our blog intends to group as much as possible helpful information and resourcs for teachers, AESH staff and other members of educational teams.It is also intended as a place to exchange ideas and resources

It is sometimes complicated when in a class, you have to receive a child with special needs.  To succeed you have to be able to adapt, to know the different types of handicap, in what way to best interact with the student so as not put him in a bubble apart, find ways to involve him activities,… ..

Despite some leads that can be found on the Internet, information is often broken down by type of disability, and it is not easy to know how to do regroup it, so that it will be easily to find. We would like to group the different sites in the same place  where we can find these this information, so that each participant in this blog can make his/her contribution and can offer development solutions for various disabilities, and teachers have a place to question, give evidence and ask for help if necessary,… .. etc

Our cooperation within this group is obvious, according to our current professionnel background.

We are Céline and Sabrina and we both accompany students with disabilities. We are AESH (or what we call before AVS) so we are at the heart of inclusive education every day.

what is “inclusive education” ???

We can understand the concept with just on sentence:

“Every child has the right to quality education and learning in their local school. "

The reality is more complex and if many professionals are trying to adapt as best as possible to the diversity of students, we can only note that there is still a long way to go ...

But what is an AESH ??

We are staff made available to students with disabilities in order to ensure that disability is no longer a barrier to learning or life in a school.




So let's roll up our sleeves, think about ideas and share on this blog !!! Our knowledge, our good ideas and our experiences so that everyone can support each student as best possible.